Stealth Notes 0.6 Beta

This application can mute audio inputs while using your keyboard, therefore allowing you silence while participating in conferences or other events that require the use of a microphone

With the constant advancements in online meetings, conferencing, and other remote sharing techniques, especially now, in the context of an ongoing pandemic, such endeavors become more and more of a staple of today’s arsenal of any digital user. Of course, with such development also comes potential weaknesses and disadvantages, or challenges to be addressed. Stealth Notes tackles the issue of keyboard typing noise while conferencing, by offering a simple tool for muting your microphone while typing, thus ensuring no annoyance to the other participants.

Set-it and forget it type of approach, which benefits from simplicity and an overall straightforward handling

Users have access to a single-interface approach, which we believe offers an optimal balance between functionality and accessibility, as it keeps clutter out of the way. Furthermore, this approach promotes easy handling and a quick setup of the required elements.

There’s an easy way of setting the muting, but users must know that the application will only disable their microphones during the actual typing, with a configurable time threshold.

Multi-device detection and selection, coupled with accessible tools for configuring app behavior

Having deployed the app, one will be able to quickly preview the available sound input devices, as the application will automatically detect and list them accordingly. This makes for an easy selection process, as one can choose which mic to be muted, selectively, using the tick box system.

Last but not least, an unmute threshold can be easily set, using the slider, as well as for the application to ignore modifier keys, via the on-screen selector.

Highly useful tool for those who wish to ensure a smooth video meet experience by suppressing their keystroke sounds

If you value privacy and wish to keep a smooth, annoyance-free experience for others while video conferencing, then this app can help you achieve that, by muting your microphones while you type.

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Windows 11
Windows 10 32/64 bit
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289 KB
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Stealth Notes Screenshot

What’s new in Stealth Notes 0.6 Beta:

  • Shorter unmute interval.
  • Pink notifier onscreen when muted.

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