SAM Broadcaster PRO Crack

SAM Broadcaster PRO 2020.8 Crack Activation Key 2021

SAM Broadcaster Pro 2020.8 Crack 2021

The program we’ll be giving you today is not your everyday utility. It has meant explicitly for audio enthusiasts and people who want to start an internet radio right at their home. Today we will give you SAM Broadcaster Pro 2020.8 Crack.

Now I have to admit that this is my first time using an audio broadcasting software. So we’ll learn as we go.


  • First of all, it has an installer that is only a few megabytes, which is pretty small. During installation, it did ask me what type of database I wanted to use for all my tracks. And I selected the default option. You also can select your own custom databases like MySQL or anything else that you like. And apart from that, the installation was pretty straightforward.

UI and Features of SAM Broadcaster Pro Crack:


  • Now talking about the user interface, of course, it’s not meant for every user. If you’re just new to this, you are going to get overwhelmed. But I’m going to try to break it down in a very simple way so that everyone can understand.


  • Here deck A, deck B, and you know Auxilary 1 these are your different players. You can put tracks on them. Also, you can play or pause any of them at the same time. I mean, they can work simultaneously.

Sound Effects:

  • Here you have ASIC sound effects that you can add on the go.

Approachable tool for online broadcasting

  • The clear and well-organized UI allows you to load tracks, add effects for voice and music, as well as to create & manage a playlist, to mention only part of the abilities of SAM Broadcaster. This program comes with really good streaming encoders that work with mp3PRO, OGG, WM9, MP3, or aacPlusv2.
  • These encoders will make the stream readable by MusicMatch, Live365, Winamp, or Windows Media Player, not to mention servers like SHOUTcast, IceCast, or StreamCast. A neat feature of SAM Broadcaster is its ability to display in the main window the number of listeners currently connected to it, as well as the highest number of connected stream viewers.

SAM Broadcaster PRO Crack Activation Key

Fade Control:

  • Also, you have your fade control. It is a dedicated tab just for the fade of the type of crossfade that you want. You can do a manual one; you can do it auto.


  • There are a lot of advanced settings that you can change according to your needs.

Voice Effects:

  • Moreover, you have the voice effects in which you can either do two types of things. What you can do over here is you can turn your microphone on, and you can press the talk. And you can talk live while everything else is still broadcasting.

Adding Audio Clips:

  • Also, you can report a custom clip in Voice Tracking. You can add it to the stream anytime you want. You can play and pause it just like any other of these tracks.

Statistics Relays Graph:

  • You will get a statistics relays graph in this software.

Master Volume:

  • Another feature you’ll have is the master volume.

Tracks, Playlist, History, and Queue:

  • On the right-hand side, you’ll have the records there’s a playlist, and there’s the history of the records that you have and the queue where you can add tracks that you want to play next.

Multiple Tracks:

  • You can play multiple tracks at the same time is this software. You’ll have the option of deck A, deck B, and Auxilary 1. All of these can contain different tracks. So you can scroll all around, and you can start playing.

Easy and Customizable:

  • It was pretty easy for me to get started considering that this is my very first go at something like this. So you have your master volume here; you can change it if you want.
  • You can customize the windows. Also, you can choose what to have and will not have. You’ll have a basic user interface.

Crossfade Section:

  • Furthermore, you have a dedicated section for crossfade and fade-outs and fade ends. You can actually mess with the exact way that it’s done.

Advanced Features:

  • It has advanced features like a gap killer, and it has rules for playlists, and then you have your usual HTTP settings.

How to Use Different Controls?

EQ Settings:

  • Also, you’ll have the EQ settings for each of these decks, and you can totally mess with everything. We can play something else while that’s going so you can start the second track now you’ll see they’re both playing at the same time.
  • You can stop the first one whenever you want, and you can stop the second one whenever you want as well. Also, you can play the third as well, along with the first, so you know that’s how you can manage all your three at the same time.

Using Mic:

  • So how do you talk while something’s playing? That’s what I’ll be telling you now. So we have voice effects. You can turn the mic on, and you can press to talk. You’ll hear while you press it, you will listen to as you speak.
  • But of course, there might be terrible echo because all of this is going out to the speaker, and it’s getting back into the mic and that sometimes cause the reverb. But ideally, you wouldn’t have that so it would be very nice.


  • Now we’ll discuss the configuration a little bit. And to stream, to the cloud, you first have to sign in create an account, and you can become a member. After that, you can add your station details, and you can start streaming. Then you can look at your statistics. You’ll have a simulation of how your audio mixer is actually working.

System Requirements:

  • CPU: You need 1 GHz (2 GHz recommended)
  • RAM: You need 1 GB (2 GB recommended)
  • Storage: You need 100 MB + enough space for all your music files
  • Sound card: professional quality Soundcard is recommended

How to Crack?

  • First, like any other software you need to download the setup
  • After that, install the downloaded setup
  • Now use the crack to activate
  • Finally, Done. Enjoy!

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