Masteralgo On-Screen Keyboard

A lightweight virtual keyboard that provides key customization in order to create shortcuts for website access or launching applications

On-screen keyboards will never be as fast as the real deal, yet they have their use. When a physical keyboard is not available, or when we are too lazy to use it, are a couple of reasons. The OS is providing a virtual claviature, and browsers have their own dedicated keyboard add-ons, but what about something more complex? Masteralgo On-Screen Keyboard brings something new to the table, in fact, it serves a totally different purpose, and that is to allow you to create shortcuts for URLs or files.

Colorful layout

Masteralgo On-Screen Keyboard’s layout is very simple. There are only numbers from 0-9 and the English alphabet letters — no symbols or other characters. All keys are colored in green and blue, but that can be changed. Right-click a key and look for the Change Color entry. A new panel with lots of color options will open up on the right side of the UI.

Use the context menu to add and remove tasks

As already mentioned, this keyboard won’t help you with writing. It only provides shortcuts for opening files or URLs with a single click. To add a URL task, you must first mention the browser. Your system default browser will be suggested, but you have the option to change that. Next, you must paste in the URL you want to access each time you press that specific key.

The same operation is applied to files, but with files, it comes a little easy. Upon choosing this option the File Explore opens up, in order to select the crack program’s executable. To wrap things up, make sure you open the context menu again and Click on Save All Task entry.

Saving your tasks is critical for further app use. Because the application is portable, no system data will be written, so your changes have to be manually saved. In case you don’t save your setup, the app will restart in its initial state.

Handy tool for shortcut creation

Masteralgo On-Screen Keyboard is not a common on-screen layout and shouldn’t be confused with one. All that the app does is help its users create shortcuts for URL quick access or swift crack program launching. You cannot type with it or any of the kind. Operation-wise, the keyboard is intuitive and straightforward, so anyone can master it in a couple of minutes.

  Runs On:
Windows 11
Windows 10 32/64 bit
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208 KB
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Masteralgo On-Screen Keyboard.rar
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Desktop Enhancements Crack Software Collections
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Masteralgo On-Screen Keyboard Screenshot

Masteralgo On-Screen Keyboard - The context menu is the control panel of the keyboard, allowing for managing tasks and color-coding keys

What’s new in Masteralgo On-Screen Keyboard

  • The main keyboard keys has been added
  • The right-click menu for each key has been added
  • Two new tasks has been added (open url or open file)
  • Save task, remove task, change color has been added

Read the full changelog

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