Clock11 1.3.2

Use this application if you have a Windows 11 multi-monitor setup and would like to have your clock displayed in all subsequent System Trays

Clock11 aims to fix an issue that some might not have even noticed. This crack program was created in order to help users have the clock/time displayed on multiple monitors in Windows 11. The problem with this modern OS is the fact that it only keeps time displayed on the primary monitor, leaving the rest empty and devoid of any time references. This could in turn be a nuisance for individuals running a multi-monitor setup, especially in a scenario where a full-screen app is running on the main monitor.

A basic crack program

Even when labeling this small tool as a crack program, something feels off. Indeed, this app was created to fix, or improve a certain aspect in the most modern Windows OS. When and if the issue is fixed by the parent company will be something to look out for. Until then, using this crack program will save you the bother of checking time from different sources when running a Windows 11 multiple monitor setup. Although you might think that’s about it in terms of adjustments that users can bring, you’d be wrong from the start.

Some easy adjustments

Whether or not you’re looking to customize something like this, it’s nice to know you at least have the option. As a result, Clock11 includes adjustable aspects, such as the ability to select a predefined theme or a custom one. The custom choice will require even further adjustments, with the tweaking of the family font, color, and size being mandatory. Text alignment can also be altered to fit one’s needs or wants. If you’re not keen on having seconds displayed, the app can also adjust that, hiding this specific element from view.

Clock11 is an application designed for individuals with multi-monitor setups. It’s easy to understand what its purpose is, and equally easy to use. We’ll have to see if the issue itself will persist or be fixed with future Windows updates.

  Runs On:
Windows 11
Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
  File Size:
1.7 MB
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Desktop Enhancements Crack Software Collections
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Clock11 Screenshot

Clock11 - The app will display a tiny System Tray icon

What’s new in Clock11 1.3.2:

  • Fix theming issue
  • Added DotnetruntimeBootstrapper

Read the full changelog

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