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Advanced System Protector2.3.1001.27000 Crack 2021

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Advanced System Protector 2.3.1001.27000 Crack Free Download 2021

Advanced System Protector 2.3.1001.27000 Crack purpose is to scan and remove any traces of spyware from your computer, including adware, key loggers, browser hijackers, and malware. It’ll prevent further infiltrations with a real-time guard.

The UI is modern & intuitive & keeps all main features separated into tabs. The first step toward PC security is updating the database with the latest spyware definitions.

It’ll scan an infection, deep, or in custom mode. For the last option, users can select the PC areas you want Advanced System Protector to look into, between Internet cookies, folders or file systems, system memory, Windows settings, and the registry.

It’s possible to exclude files or folders, schedule a one-time or recurring task & set the utility to perform scanning on Windows startup automatically. Also, it includes archive content scans & uses “File Type Helper” to handle unknown file extensions.

Scan results show the total rogue agents found in each area, status, and threat level. Also, you can choose particular items for elimination or ask Advanced System Protector to get rid of everything. You can export statistics to XML format for further evaluation.

Also, the program offers protection for the Hosts file & Internet Explorer homepage, startup entry management features, along with a browser cleaner (e.g., Chrome, Firefox).

Advanced System Protector Crack 2021

The tool quickly finishes a scan job & uses low CPU and RAM. However, this software has a high rate for detecting false positives, and the unregistered edition doesn’t allow users to fix the errors, making the product misleading.

It’ll protect your laptop from malware threats. Also, it’ll make Computer safety easy. Defend your Windows pc from malware, spyware, spyware, and phishing scams. Discover and forestall threats, even as you are browsing the net.


  • It is handy to Quick Scan the System and Deep Scan your System. Both these scans are an excellent way to check your PC for infections. A Quick Scan has the design to check your PC every morning, without spending much time on the scan. It will check for infections by the file path & warn you in case of any infections found.
  • You need to perform a Deep Scan on the first installation of Advanced System Protector, & then every week. It is a thorough scan for your computer, where it’ll search the files and folders for infection based on the file path and MD5, a file recognition technology. In case an infection is found, you’ve got the option to remove, ignore, quarantine, or delete it, as per your choice.
  • Real-Time Guards have been designed to monitor your computer for any suspicious activity continuously. This guard monitors the most vulnerable areas of your PC, which may be the gates for most infections. These guards are more active when browsing the Internet, opening files, or executing applications and programs.

Advanced System Protector Crack

Real-Time Guards:

BHO Guard

  • This guard will monitor the plug-ins installed in Internet Explorer & warns you when a new plug-in wants to install itself.

AppInit DLL Guard

  • The DLL files, which control the App Initiation, are monitored by this guard. It ensures that no application gets listed in your Auto-Start list without your permission.

Web Protection

  • Advanced System Protector secures online history to protect your privacy.

Winlogon Shell Guard

  • The guard is similar to the previous one. It’ll monitor the Windows Shell Registry setting and prevents any application from being loaded at the Windows Startup.

Deletes Browser Hijackers

  • Advanced System Protector removes browser hijackers to prevent monitoring.

Hosts File Guard

  • This guard monitors the Host’s file and restricts changes to it. It means that we can get rid of the most automatic & unwanted browser redirects.

IE Trusted Sites Guard

  • Internet Explorer will keep a list of trusted sites, where the browser permits less secure browsing. The guard keeps a check on this list & restricts any website from getting listed here without your permission.

IE Home Page Guard

  • This guard will ensure that when you start your computer, you get to see the homepage that you have set in your PC, and not any unwanted homepage designed to lure you into a trap.

Running Process Guard

  • This guard prompts you to allow/restrict the execution of any new processes in the task list, ensuring that no malware starts automatically on the computer.

Startup Guard

  • The guard is designed to stop any unwanted and malicious software from entering the startup folder, preventing any malware from executing at the start of your system.

Startup Registry Files Guard

  • This guard monitors the Registry files for any changes and prompts you to authorize or restrict any suspicious change.
  • Advanced System Protector can quarantine any spyware or malware detected on your computer to safeguard your system. It means that the files are placed in a safe vault, with their format changed. These files can not cause any harm to your computer anymore because they are not in their original format. The quarantine is useful to ensure that the spyware which is embedded in other applications, are prevented from the execution or causing harm, without stopping the application to function.

How to Download, Install, and Crack?

  • First, download the Advanced System Protector Crack from the below link or button.
  • After that, extract the download file and run the setup file.
  • Now you need to complete the installation process.
  • After that installation, copy and paste the crack file from the download folder in C drive’s program files folder.
  • Now Restart your computer system (PC).
  • Finally, Done. It is ready to work, & enjoy the full version free.
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